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Product: Branding of a luxury lifestyle collection
Results: 56 new leasing contracts within a year

  • The Background

    Macerich had been a longtime client of Epicenter and we were asked to brand a newly developing luxury division that included nine of the most exclusive shopping destinations in the Western United States. The Lumenati Collection was conceived to separate the existing parent brand from it’s luxury shopping destinations that have the most desirable demographics, the most appealing amenities, and a proven ability to attract luxury retailers and clientele alike.

  • The Challenge

    Macerich’s image in the industry was not associated with luxury in the minds of their target tenants. We had to reinvent the entire perception of Macerich by creating a distinct new entity that could stand as it’s own brand separate from the parent company’s image, yet leverage their knowledge and experience. Our goal was to attract a minimum of 40 new luxury retailers (retailers who would have never considered leasing with them before) and sign them into the collection within a year from launch.

  • The Solution

    All aspects of the brand had to be reevaluated; the verbal positioning, the visual graphic elements and most importantly - the emotional appeal of the luxury lifestyle concept to a very select target of the highest-end luxury retailers around the world. We had to understand the sales process and make recommendations on how we could overcome obstacles at every touch point of the leasing process.

    Targeting luxury retailers was a unique challenge. They typically, are difficult to impress with the standard style of leasing materials that are common in the industry. Our solution was to develop a leasing kit that would be unlike anything ever seen in the industry. We created a linen-bound 200-page book that was sleeved in a lined bound box with a metal plated logo embossed on the cover. The overall impression was that of an art museum piece. The beautiful white linen art book housed a comprehensive collection of leasing demographics and future growth projections juxtaposed with luxury lifestyle photography that was indicative their brands. It essentially placed their brand into the visual identity of each of the developing centers.

    In some instances, the centers that were being featured had not even been redeveloped yet, making the use of location photography impossible. The story had to be told in a way that painted the picture of what was to come, not what currently was. Epicenter chose luxury lifestyle images that were indicative of the desired retailer to feature in the advertising and direct mail efforts.

    Epicenter also created a variety of invitations to events held to impress the luxury retailers. These events were typically held at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. Again we incorporated an art museum style invite featuring MoMA work on the covers. The interior of the meeting rooms were decorated with photographs of Lumenati properties displayed like artwork, in a variety of frames from different eras.

    Branding elements included:
    • Naming Development
    • Logo Development
    • Tagline Development
    • Corporate Identity Standards Manual
    • Leasing Portfolio Kit
    • Event Invitations
    • Signage
    • Press Kit
    • Ad Campaign
    • Flash Web Site

  • The Results

    Epicenter created all communications and marketing efforts related to leasing support. In many instances, Epicenter also branded the consumer advertising campaigns at the individual center levels. Within a year the leasing efforts exceeded expectation for each of the Lumenati properties, obtaining 56 new contracts within a year of its launch. Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton were the first two tenants to sign into multiple locations within the first three months and the results just increased from there. Currently, Lumenati has successfully positioned itself as a separate brand from the parent company. Because of it’s enormous profitability, luxury retail acquisition has been made the focus of their leasing and development efforts for the future, with 6 more developments slated to be under the Lumenati umbrella in the next two years.

Earth Shattering Results!

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"It would be my pleasure to tell you that Epicenter is one of the best agencies in the business."Keri Noel
Senior Marketing Manager
Lumenati/The Macerich Company

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Newport Lending Corp.

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"I must compliment your diverse creative strengths, your ability to really listen to and understand the client."Tracey Gotsis
Marketing Director
Westcor/Macerich Company

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"I would not work with another company at this point in my career." Keri Noel
Sr. Marketing Manager
Lumenati/The Macerich Company

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Chief Operating Officer
The Alliance Portfolio

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Cabrillo Credit Union

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Chief Operating Officer
The Alliance Portfolio

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Cabrillo Credit Union

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Visualize Technologies, Inc.

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Earth Shattering Results!
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