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Case Studies

Plaza at West CovinaPlaza at West CovinaPlaza at West Covina

Product: Plaza Players Club
Results: $1,500,000* in additional mall sales

  • The Background

    Upon purchase of The Plaza at West Covina, CenterMark Properties soon realized that previous management had neglected both maintenance and marketing of the mall. This, along with increased competition and a poor economy, had led to poor sales performance at the center. In a domino effect, the low sales resulted in current tenants declining to renew their leases and new retailers passing up The Plaza at West Covina for better maintained, better performing centers.

  • The Challenge

    Increase mall sales by $10 million. Increase the market penetration within the more affluent zip codes and increase the average shopper age range. Boost traffic by enticing current and targeted shoppers to visit the center more frequently by building relationships with shoppers. Offer aggressive, unique marketing tools and opportunities to increase merchant support of marketing programs and promotions. Assist the leasing department in attracting national and quality local tenants.

  • The Solution

    A bold, unprecedented database-driven customer (loyalty/membership) program was introduced. Titled “The Plaza Players Club”, the program combined customer loyalty, a database and merchant cooperative advertising. Goals included building a database of 10,000 members within six months and generating additional sales by including direct response programs.

    Initially, 27 advertisements (utilizing zip code specific information) ran in the Los Angeles Times and the San Gabriel Valley News over a period of five weeks. The humorous ads titled, “Beat the Recession with a Club” encouraged readers to visit The Plaza at West Covina, and join its loyalty program.

    “Don’t Leave the Mall Without It” barricade art, three-tiered mall signage, store window signage, counter cards and employee buttons encouraged shoppers to stop by club sign-up tables in the Center. Direct mail and full-color newspaper inserts promoted “The Club.” Membership forms offered an opportunity to obtain demographics, psychographics, shopping preferences and other marketing information.

    A free, colorful credit card-style membership card was given to all Players Club members. Colorful kiosks were set up in the mall. People could swipe their membership cards for a chance to win $500 every day. The kiosks also dispensed “Deal of the Day” coupons and collected customer information. Flyers at the kiosks advertised weekly store specials. Members received a newsletter of upcoming events, including a birthday club and VIP specials throughout the year.

    Since merchant participation was crucial to the success of the program, a kick-off breakfast was held to explain the program to retailers. Each merchant would be matched $500 for signing up a daily winning member. A $1,000 incentive was offered to the merchant signing up the most club members.

    To entice new retailers, a Plaza Players Club newsletter was included in full-color leasing packets, mailed to prospective tenants.

  • The Results

    The Plaza at West Covina’s goal was to achieve 10,000 members of The Plaza Players Club within the first six months. The goal was achieved in just nine weeks. The kiosks were visited daily by an average of 421 members. This accounts for over $1,500,000* in additional mall sales for the nine week period.

    The database showed 34% of members were residents of the more affluent targeted zip codes and 44% were within the higher targeted age group. Results from the shopper incentives included a 79% return on the birthday card promotion, 22% for the holiday gift wrap offer and 64% of members purchased store specials advertised in The Plaza newsletter.

    Initial results of the program showed sales increases of 17% at The Plaza at West Covina. Merchant interest in the “Deal of the Day” program was extremely high and one-third of the Players Club members were signed up by store employees.

    The CenterMark leasing department cited The Plaza Players Club as a major asset in negotiating leases for 50 new stores scheduled to open in the coming year.

    * 421 additional visits x $50 (average shopper expenditure) x 70 days + $1,500,00

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