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Epicenter Marketing, Advertising & Branding is San Diego’s leading, full-service branding, creative, and digital communications agency dedicated to producing significant ROI impact for our clients on local, national, and international levels. We are a strategic team of experts personally dedicated to growing your business, achieving your vision of success, and exceeding your expectations.
Services include Branding, Marketing Consultation, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Logos and Corporate Identity, Video Production, Radio Commercials, Social Media, Direct Response Advertising, Public Relations, Print Advertising, Brochures and Collateral, Media Planning, Strategic Planning, Naming and Tagline Development.

Featured Creative.

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This is a small sampling of the thousands of projects we have developed. For a portfolio sampling customized to your industry please click below and indicate – B2B or B2C and your specific industry.

Name Development

We create memorable and effective names for products, services, and businesses.

Slogan & Tagline Development

Position your brand for success.

Creative Headline & Concept Development

Concept Development. Brand Strategy. Art Direction. Copywriting. Project Management.

Award Winning Broadcast Experts

We have produced hundreds of Radio Spots and Jingles  for clients all across the country and have won dozens of International Broadcast Awards, Multiple Radio Ear Awards and a Clio.

We Connect Customers To Your
Brand—Strategically, Creatively,
Emotionally and Exponentially.

Find the Epicenter of your brand.

Your most valuable asset is your brand. We deliver exponential revenue growth by positioning your brand to be an indispensable part of your customers’ lives so, it meaningfully connects with your each of your customers’ lifestyle and aspirations, creating motivating communication that elicits a strong emotional response and decisive action. We provide an extensive Branding Exploration and Positioning Session customized to your business. Our proprietary Seismic Branding™ process was initially developed for Fortune 500 companies and is a proven methodology that we have tailored to meet the needs of small to midsize businesses, positioning them for dynamic and exponential growth. Contact us to learn more about this process can maximize your impact and change your business forever.

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We are a full service branding, advertising and marketing firm.

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Client Background.

Some of the most influential companies in the world entrust us with their brands.

Trust. It’s a big deal to us. Our clients rely on us to take them where they want to go and we love the challenge. Epicenter has launched hundreds of leading brands in virtually every business sector including B2B and B2C, Finance, High-tech, Medical, Publishing, Retail, Luxury, and Commercial Development. Here are a few highlights.

The Largest Collection of Luxury Shopping Centers in the U.S.

The Largest Retail Development Project in North America

The Leading Motivation Coach in the World

The Largest Book Publishing Company in North America

The Largest Beverage Manufacturer in the World

The Largest Safety Training Software Developer in the World

The Largest Telemarketing Sales Training Company in the U.S.

Other client background includes:

We serve businesses of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies. Our sweet spot is in the small to mid-size businesses that are looking to develop a new brand message, attract new customers, enter new markets, and are looking to grow their business.

Spaces Renewed, San Diego Custom Cabinets, Pure Ratios, The Macerich Company, Westcor, San Diego Union-Tribune, Costco, Moreno Valley Mall, Carmel Plaza, Sequenom, The Irvine Company, Sky Toxicology, Coastline Medical Supplies, Santa Monica Place, Identifi Biosciences, 2 Rodeo Drive, Cabrillo Credit Union, Bank of Internet, Pala Casino, YMCA.
Plus over 100 other clients in virtually every industry within the B2B and B2C markets including Retail, Luxury, Commercial Real Estate Development & Construction, Financial, High-Tech, Medical/Healthcare/Diagnostic, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Media, Education, and Non-Profit.
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Raving Fans.

Always the best way to measure success.

Let’s face it, the advertising business is challenging. It takes a multitude of disciplines and incredibly talented and dedicated people to do what we do every day. Luckily, we love it. You may be surprised to know that the lifespan of the average agency and client relationship has been shrinking dramatically for years, with turnovers typically at the two-year mark!
We are proud to say that over 30% of our billings last year came from clients who have been with us for over a decade, a statistic unheard of in our industry. When we asked one of our clients precisely why they have never looked elsewhere, they simply stated, “You have consistently grown my business for over 15 years. I can’t afford not to use you. Plus, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.
In a nutshell, relationships are what we are all about.

About Us.

Each principal team member has a minimum of over 15+ years of experience,
encompassing virtually every industry.

Jeffrey Detrick

Jeffrey Detrick, Principal/Brand Strategist/Creative Director

30 years experience in brand marketing and creative direction

Jeffrey possesses over 30+ years of experience as an advertising agency owner specializing in creative services, strategic branding and art direction. As a lifetime entrepreneur, Jeffrey produces award -winning work on the level of his big agency contemporaries on national and international accounts but also possesses the real world experience of working in the trenches with start-ups and fellow entrepreneurs, where ROI is critical to every marketing endeavor. His credits encompass numerous national awards including 17 International Broadcast Awards, 5 Financial Marketing Awards and a Clio.

As one of the co-founding principals of ThinkTank Advertising, founded in 1987, Jeffrey’s agency grew to a multi-million dollar firm operating for over 15 years. Jeffrey’s experience included brand development and creative direction for Macerich, the largest luxury commercial developer in North America, Anthony Robbins Companies, national and international development companies such as The Mills Corporation, CBL Properties, CenterMark Properties, TrizecHahn, and The Macerich Company. After restructuring and rebranding ThinkTank in 2001, Jeffrey currently owns Epicenter Advertising & Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising firm that focuses on branding, traditional and digital marketing.

Epicenter Advertising was ranked in the top 25 of San Diego Business Journal’s List of 100 fastest growing companies. He is a world-class, nationally renowned creative director and frequent guest speaker at colleges and art schools on the subjects of advertising, marketing, branding and design. Jeffrey graduated with a B.A. from SDSU in Graphic Communications with a marketing emphasis. In addition, Jeffrey is also a published songwriter and enjoys writing, singing and recording music in his spare time.

Jenn Withrow

Jennifer Withrow, Brand Strategist/Creative Director

15+ years experience in brand marketing and creative direction

Jennifer is an integral part of the Epicenter team as Senior Creative Brand Strategist. Her unmatched organizational skills, unique and highly refined artistic talents, as well as her commitment to getting results, make Jennifer a preeminent addition to the agency. Her current roles include the development of copy and creative strategy, art direction, market research and electronic media. With a background that consists of the successful implementation of international campaigns for the largest book publisher in the U.S.— she understands client’s needs for excellence and distinction from the competition. Jennifer is driven to increase any company’s bottom line through her ability to develop tailored marketing strategies. Jennifer possesses an extensive background in the luxury brands category and is the principal creative director on many of Epicenter’s fashion, retail and luxury accounts.

Jennifer’s passion for advertising and marketing stems from her interest and dedication to the study and research of the human psyche, coupled with a discerning awareness of current market trends and pop-culture. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Advertising from the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism at West Virginia University. Jennifer currently handles the agencies most prestigious clients, including Bridge Publications, Charter Industrial, Elevation Architecture, and The Macerich Company, Westor, Costco and Fry’s Electronics. Jennifer is a published recording artist and enjoys writing, singing and recording music in her spare time.

Lisa Lockhart

Lisa Lockhart, Brand Strategist/Copywriter

25+ years experience in brand marketing and copywriting

Lisa is an award-winning brand strategist, writer and producer with over 25 years of experience in broadcast and media communications. From strategy, creative direction and content development, through production management and execution. Lisa’s background reflects a strategic emphasis in the development and implementation of a full range of media in the areas of branding, marketing and communications.

Starting her career as a writer/producer for Cox Broadcasting, Lisa moved into the corporate arena to work with a variety of creative agencies and Fortune 500 clients. Lisa’s primary focus is on determining objectives and developing the optimum communications strategy and brand messaging, ensuring maximum impact of the communications on the audience and more cost-effective use of resources. This value-driven approach gives clients more creative control, greater accuracy to target and achieve objectives, as well as a higher return on their communications investment. Her client background includes: Coca-Cola, IBM, Disney, Nortel, American Cancer Society, UPS, Georgia-Pacific, Cingular, The Irvine Company Apartment Communities, 2 Rodeo Drive, The Mills, and The Macerich Company.

Demetrius Antuna

Demetrius Antuna, Art Director/Webmaster

20+ years experience in art direction

Demetrius possesses a highly unique background. Having first-hand experience in the extreme sports industry as a professional skateboarder in New Jersey, and performing nationally with renowned rock acts Goodbye Blue Monday, ILYA and Warsaw. Experiences like these give Demetrius an up-front and personal view on alternative lifestyle brands.

Straight out of art school Demetrius was picked up by local alternative weekly, Fahrenheit Magazine to be their Art Director and Webmaster. Having been thrown right into the hot seat, Demetrius quickly picked up everything from branding & naming to page layout, print production, environmental design and full-blown front & back-end Web design. After a two year stint with Fahrenheit, Demetrius began working with – an educational software supplier and online magazine as their Webmaster. Here Demetrius was able to expand his knowledge of Internet Technology working side by side with .Net, PHP, ASP and ColdFusion programmers to take his designs and create cutting edge, user-friendly interfaces for teachers and students nationwide.

As technology becomes more prevalent everyday in the advertising industry, Demetrius’ extensive knowledge of Internet Marketing has played a key role in Epicenters’ ability to stay on top of the ever-evolving changes in today’s technology.

Jason Delfos

Jason Delfos, Senior Creative Director

25+ years experience in brand marketing and creative direction

Jason grew up in Jamaica and was educated in the U.S., Canada & Spain. He began his design and advertising career in Manhattan and managed Spectra, a digital media service bureau and design studio in New York. Clients included Forbes Magazine, Pepsi, Vascheron Constantine, Bvlgari, and various fine artists and recording artists. He joined The Ad Store, where he helped to design a series of successful print advertising campaigns for Jetblue Airways, Alitalia Airlines, R.J. Reynolds, A&E History Channel, and Sony/Loews Theatres.

Jason relocated to San Diego and began working for Advanced Marketing Services, a billion-dollar group of publishing companies. He designed marketing campaigns for Steven King, Dan Brown and dozens of other best selling authors and publishers. At Epicenter, Jason oversess marketing strategies and the creative art development, to ensure that clients have the most effective campaigns to meet their definition of success. Jason is the owner and principal of the M.A.D. Group, a brand marketing firm that frequently partners with Jeff and his team at Epicenter on a variety of campaigns.


Spencer Higgs, Copywriter/Digital Ad Manager

Spencer merges strategic thinking and personality-rich copywriting to build and strengthen brands in numerous industries, including home appliances, public speaker training, design and advertising, non-profit, sports, and lifestyle. My service spectrum covers brand strategy, campaign strategy, short-and long-form copywriting, social media marketing, paid social media advertising, graphic design, and consultation. For projects outside of my abilities, Spencer connects clients with vetted talent in my network of vendors, agencies, contractors, and consultants.

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